Drug Court of New South Wales

Facilities and support

The courts and tribunals of NSW aim to make their services and premises accessible to all court users. This may include using an interpreter to better understand court proceedings or receiving resources in an accessible format.

Telephone interpreters for contacting the Drug Court

The Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) can be contacted on 13 14 50. Ask them to put you through to the relevant court number - see Contact Us.

People with disability

We are working towards providing better access to court buildings and facilities for people with disabilities.

If you have a disability, contact the Court or Tribunal you need to attend to find out about access options available to you.

Some services may be available to make it easier for you to attend Court. For example, Courts can arrange for an Infra-red Hearing Loop to be available on the day of a Court Hearing.

You can download and fill in a Request for Court Assistance form to let the Court staff know what access you require and what support you intend bringing to a particular Hearing. Complete the form and submit it to the Court you need to attend.

If you are collecting an Infrared Hearing Loop, contact the Court office a few days before you attend to confirm that it has been ordered.

National Relay Service

If you are deaf or have a hearing impairment, call 133 677 to contact us through the National Relay Service.

For more information:  

  • See the brochure, Can you hear in the courtroom 
  • Visit the Diversity Services website
  • Download a Request for court assistance form  


Interpreters can be arranged for people appearing in Drug Court, so they are not disadvantaged.

People who are attending court may need interpreters because they:

  • have a hearing impairment and use sign language
  • find it hard to comprehend English and, as a result, are prevented from fully participating in all or part of the court proceedings.

All clients of a Drug Court have a right to have an interpreter present in any court proceeding free of charge.

If you need an interpreter, you can contact LawAccess NSW through the Telephone and Interpreting Service on 131 450.

Last updated:

15 Apr 2024

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